REVIEW: Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette

A few weeks ago I was browsing on Beauty Bay and I saw they had 15% off for students, so I very nicely asked the boyf if I could borrow his student card to order a little something for myself. I knew I wanted a new eyeshadow palette, but I wasn’t sure what one. I was looking at the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette, but it was out of stock 😢 so I turned to Juvia’s Place, I wanted a palette with colours that I don’t own, so I went for the Saharan palette. In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you a little review with my thoughts on the palette, enjoy reading!



Okay, first of all, look how beautiful the packaging is! It’s a lovely bright orange colour with a design on the front. It’s slim and quite small so it’s very easy to travel with. The only thing I think they could have included with this palette is a mirror on the inside, but you obviously can’t have everything can ya?


Price: ÂŁ30

Inspired by the vibrant Fulani culture, The Saharan Palette combines a mix of 12 matte and shimmer shadows. Packed with intense colour pigments, a little goes a long way with these high-impact and long-lasting powders.

Palette Contains:

  • Sokoto – Matte bright red toned orange.
  • Wodaabe – Shimmering green gold.
  • Bororo – Shimmering deep red.
  • Kia – Shimmering green.
  • Zoya – Shimmering bronze peach.
  • Iman – Shimmering white.
  • Jamila – Dark matte orange.
  • Senegal – Shimmering gold.
  • Chad – Mate black.
  • Katsina – Matte tan
  • Lulu – Shimmering peach.
  • Fula – Deep shimmering rose.

Taken from Beauty Bay.


These swatches were with one swipe, no going back into the palette or double swiping. THEY ARE SO PIGMENTED! This is definitely my favourite thing about the palette, all the shades have great pay off and they aren’t chalky or patchy at all.

Sometimes with highly pigmented palettes it can be a struggle to blend them, but no, not with this palette. I’ve done quite a few different looks with this palette now, and it’s safe to say it’s my favourite palette at the moment. I originally bought it to play around with colours, but I’ve been using it every time I do eyeshadow and I’ve been loving it!


You get 4 matte shades in the palette, and considering how different they all are, this is all you need in this palette. ‘Katsina’ is the perfect transition shade, and ‘Jamila’ and ‘Sokoto’ are so bright and they have amazing payoff, they don’t just sit pretty in the pan, they also sit pretty on the eye. And ‘Chad’, is something else. It’s the most intense black eyeshadow I’ve ever used, it’s scary how pigmented it is.

And the shimmers, wow the shimmers. They are so shimmery, but not chunky, so they go onto the eye like a dream and stay in place all day. My favourites have to be ‘Bororo’ and ‘Fula’, I don’t really have any other shades like these two and they are so beautiful!

If you’re looking for a highly pigmented palette that’s a reasonable price, then look at the Juvia’s Place palettes on Beauty Bay, you will not be disappointed!

That’s everything for this review, I hope you enjoyed reading, see you soon 😘


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