Products I Want To Try

In 2019 I want to try and save as much money as possible, but then again I want to try loads of new products and I have some in mind that I want to share with you in this post. Enjoy reading 🤪

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

This has been around for years and I’ve always wanted to try it, but I’ve just never got round to buying it. This is part of most people’s makeup routine, so I need to give it a go ASAP. At £24 it’s quite pricey for a setting spray, but from reviews I’ve read and watched it seems worth every penny.

Huda Beauty New Nude Eye Palette

Since using the Topaz Obsessions palette, I’m up for trying more Huda Beauty products, this being one of them. When this was first released I fell in love. Funnily enough I don’t own any soft pink / mauve eyeshadows, so this would fill that little gap in my makeup collection. Also the glitters look beautiful and so interesting. At £56 it’s a lot of money for a palette, but I’m willing to pay that much for a beautiful palette.

The Ordinary Skincare

I’ve tried 2 products from this brand, and they are amazing. At such a cheap price the products are really good quality and do an amazing job. There’s certain products that are good for acne prone skin, so I want to give them a go to try and shift some scarring and help any break outs I have. Let me know if you’ve tried any of The Ordinary products and what you think about them!

Doll Beauty Highlighter

Every Instagram MUA uses this and raves about it, so I need to give it a go. When I see this being used in videos it looks so blinding and it gives that ‘wet’ look to the skin which I love! At £15 I don’t think this is bad for how good it looks and how much product you get. A duo is also available with both of the shades.

Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve seen everyone and their mums rave about these palettes and they look so good! They have the massive palettes with 42 shades, medium palettes with 16 shades and small palettes with 9 shades. All of the reviews I’ve watched and read have been positive and I’m always up for trying new eyeshadow palettes.

Morphe James Charles Artistry Palette

I know another palette, but I’m obsessed with this! I’ve seen so many tutorials using this I feel like I need to try it ASAP. I’m obsessed with bright coloured eyeshadow at the moment, so this would be perfect to add to my other bright palettes, you know if it ever comes back in stock.

Nabla Close Up Concealer

I discovered this on Beauty Bay and then done a bit of research, and it’s supposed to be like Tarte Shape Tape. Ever since I’ve had my eye on it and wanted to try it out, but it’s the same with shape tape I have no idea what shade to order as it’s online. Has anyone tried this?

Bperfect Mmmmitchell Subzero Highlighting Palette

How could I not have this on here, I’ve been obsessed with this and I don’t even own it. All reviews I’ve watched have been positive and it looks so beautiful on the skin, I need to try this!

And that’s everything I want to try! I’m sure when I finally purchase it all I’ll be doing reviews on my blog so keep an eye out. Thank you for reading see you soon x

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