Rebranding: The Glossip Blog

I’ve been thinking about changing my username and logo for a while, and I’ve finally come up with one that I like and suits my blog really well.

I saw something online to do with Glossip and it just clicked, I loved it. So I’ve decided to change it The Glossip Blog. It essentially means gossip about makeup and the beauty industry, hence the word gloss being in there.

With this this new name I’ve also created a new logo. I wanted something quite simple so it’s recognisable as my blog logo.

Changing my brand on WordPress is one thing ticked off my blogging goals, the next thing I want to do is become self hosted, I’ve been researching each plan because I want to get the right one for my blog. Has anyone got any suggestions what plan to do? When it comes to the technical side of things I get confused and have no idea how to work it, but I’m determined to figure it all out so my blog looks the best.

I’m so happy I’m getting back into my blog as I love writing posts and putting out content for my readers that I love and hopefully they love as well. Im working a lot harder towards each post to make them the best I can. Hopefully by the end of the year, or even sooner, I’ll start working with brands that I love and put out even better content.

And that’s everything for this post! Just wanted to do a little post to introduce my new blog name and logo. Thank you for reading see you soon x

Instagram: @theglossipblog


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