How to Ease Colour into your Makeup Look

As most of you know I love wearing a pop of colour when it comes to my eyeshadow or lipstick. Back in the day I’d only wear neutrals on my eyes and a nude on the lip, my confidence has grown so much with my makeup and I love exploring new makeup looks. So in today’s post I’m going to share how I eased colour into my makeup looks when I wasn’t as confident and give some tips on how to do it!


When I first started to use colour on the eyes, I’d add small amounts of it, for example in the inner corner or lower lash line. By adding this little pop of colour you’re adding some kind of colour to the eye, by doing this every so often you’ll get used to having a pop of colour on the eye and gradually add more and more.

In these pictures I’ve done a brown smokey eye, which is my go to it really makes my brown eyes pop. For the pop of colour in the first picture I went for a navy blue on the lower lash line and a blue liner in the water line. And the second picture I done a pop of yellow on the inner corner.

By doing this you’re adding colour, but the brown smokey eye is making it a bit more balanced and neutral. You can also do this with glitter, I love putting glitter liner on my inner corner and patting some glitter on top, really makes the inner corner pop and stand out.

Once you get more confident with this, it’s time to move onto the crazy colours. When I first started using colour on the eye I just played around with different colours to see what suited me the best. I used blues, purples, pinks, yellows, oranges and so many more. I used to use pink a lot because you can include burgundy and plum shades with this, so maybe start with a pink look but use more plum shades and a touch of pink. For example:

Valentines Day Makeup

It’s a case of sitting down for an hour every so often and playing with colours, and once you find the colours for you that’s when you’ll feel confident with stepping out the house with a colourful eyeshadow look.

Another great tip is to find amazing MUA’s on Instagram and Youtube. You’ll get an idea on what colours to go for and what colours to put together. A lot of these Instagram MUA’s either do pictorials or videos on their story, so it’s easy to follow. My favourites at the moment are:

My favourite looks of mine have to be the ones I’ve created when I’m going to festivals, because this is where you can go crazy. Enjoy some pics of my crazy eyeshadow looks.


Lips are more easier than eyes, and obviously lipstick is a lot easier to apply compared to shadows. Back in the day all I would wear was nudes, and most of the time no lipstick. When I wore a red lip I’d feel so scared to step out in public, now days I’m wearing bright purple, neon pink and deep reds. It’s all about building that confidence.

If you’re like me and will only wear a nude, start by wearing different types of nudes, for example a dark nude, browns, a pinky nude or a really light nude, mix it up a bit. Once you get used to wearing a different colour, you’ll feel more confident with wearing a red or a pink. Some people suit certain colours, so again it’s all about trialing different colours.

With reds, try a classic red first, don’t jump in the deep end with a deep red or a bright orange. Once you get confident with this, then venture out and try different undertones. Same with any colour, don’t go to heavy first of all, start with something quite neutral, then ease into the crazy colours.

Also with lipsticks you don’t want them clashing with your eyeshadow, or what you’re wearing. So when exploring with crazy shades ensure it goes with your outfit and eye makeup. I always wear a neutral outfit and no eyeshadow when I know I’m going to wear a venturous lip.

Shopping for lipsticks can be quite hard too. In shops obviously you can’t try the lipstick straight onto your lips so it’s sometimes hard to tell if it’ll suit you or not. My tip with this is to test the lipstick on your hand or thumb, and hold it up to your lips. In this way you’ll be able to see if it suits your skin tone, eye colour etc.

That’s everything for this post! Thank you for reading and I hope you’re taking away some tips with you. See you soon x




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